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Published on December 23rd, 2013 | by ITB


Live & Loud – Falseta

Falseta is a five-piece rock music group from South Florida.

The band first originated with drummer Romulo Bernal in 2009. Once he had written the bulk of the album in its raw premature form, he took on board his long time friend, guitarist and co-songwriter, Vishnu Saiz. Vishnu’s unique style complemented Romulo’s, and together they were easily able to finalize songs and ideas. Shortly after they then added to the mix another longtime friend, front man Marcus Fernandes, whose vocals and musical taste brought a new dynamic to the Falseta blend. Finally with the addition of Kitova McCarthy on guitar and Trevor Talbot on bass the line up was set.

It is this winning combination friends and musicians that has sparked interest in not only musicians and local rock fans, but also in places one might not expect. If you happened to catch Pablo Malco’s Hip Hop Symphony at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, you would have seen the band perfectly at home on the large theater’s stage.

“Falseta has a certain drive behind their music that draws in several different genres of music lovers. When I first heard them rehearsing it sounded like a concert – the melodies, the hard knocking and funky drum patterns, and the clean yet grungy guitars,” says Malco, director of the non-profit Pablo Malco Foundation, which oversees the international performance troupe Pfuzion and The Hip Hop Dance Academy. “After speaking to the guys, it was apparent to me that they were the real deal – true artists. They are simply the best.”

Falseta style musically, takes you on a journey of melodies, harmonies and heavy riffs, all neatly wrapped in the astounding showmanship of seasoned professionals. With live sets that are explosive, bold, and fresh, the band’s signature sound has been described as, “Melodic hard rock with a prog rock underbelly,” by Paul Catledge of Spanish Indie Pop group Hola Hi.
Ultimately the band describe themselves as “the kind of music that metal dudes listen to with their girlfriends”


• Marcus Fernandes – Vocals
• Vishnu Saiz – Guitar/Vocals
• Kitova McCarthy – Guitar
• Trevor Talbot – Bass/Vocals
• Romulo Bernal – Drums/Percussion

Perfecta EP (2012)
(self recorded, produced and mixed)

Music videos:

“Running Low on High”
directed by Shutah films
(Released 2011)

“Chameleon to One”
directed by Shutah films
(Released 2013)

2010 – Florida Tour, 10 plus dates

2012 – Main support Perfecta EP, Florida tour, 15 plus dates

Falseta has also shared the stage directly on festivals and single shows with such names as Filter, Endo, Devices and Gemini Syndrome, and Dharmata


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