InTheBiz® Magazine and offer a number of ways to
advertise your business, whether you have a bar, restaurant or would like to attract
the people who are in the hospitality industry, this magazine will work for you.
InTheBiz® has numerous features such as: Chef of the Month,
Employee of the Month,Business Spotlight and Tricks of the Trade as well as
feature stories that are industry related. We also include information about
Charity Events and articles to give you some ideas on how to attract more

The Photo Pages, which are viewed by thousands of readers, are the
hit of the magazine. People love to see themselves in the magazine and on
the website.
InThe Biz® is posted on , to our Facebook page, InTheBiz Nation and our Twitter account @inthebizmag every month as
well as being emailed to thousands of online readers. You can also find us on LinkedIn.

 For rate details and ad specifications, please contact us by calling us on our toll free number:  800-445-3719 or email us


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