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In The Biz® Magazine is the Only Service Industry & Nightlife Source in South Florida

Our Magazine and website are filled with information for the industry.
Discounts, Tricks of the Trade, Employee of the Month, Business Spotlights, Chef of the Month, where to go for Karaoke, Live Music and so much more.

In The Biz® Magazine can be seen in most of your favorite
hot spots around Broward, South Palm Beach and North Dade Counties as well as on line.

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To advertise in our very well read magazine please download a copy of our rate sheet email us at Contact@itbnation.com. If you would like to speak to one of our qualified advertising representatives, please call us at 800-445-3719.

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Lucy says:


    Can you please provide me with the contact information of who writes about business, health and wellness, health and fitness, community etc. I appreciate any additional information you can send my way. Thank you,


    • Carey Suissa says:

      Our Editor is Nicol Jenkins, however all story content must be approved by our Publisher. If you have a story idea, please submit it to us at contact@itbnation.com and we will consider it. Please keep in mind that our business is run by advertising dollars, and as such if the article is a “commercial” for a business or product, unless that business is a client that is spending money advertising with us, we will not run it.

      Thank you.

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